The Evolution of KIN Artisan Jewellery

'KIN Artisan Jewellery', is the combination and evolution of 'Glass Art by Sally Green', and 'KIN Artisan Collective'. For almost two decades Sally has been hand making exquisite glass beads, combining them with gemstones and precious metals to create beautiful and original pieces of wearable art. Her elegant glasswork can be found in galleries around Australia, and in her shop, KIN Artisan Collective, in Mullumbimby, Northern NSW.


Whilst on one of her many overseas adventures in search of gemstones and rare jewellery materials, Sally crossed paths with a master carver and caster. Carrying sketches for a new range of jewellery inspired by nature, ancient cultures and exotic lands, Sally and the caster combined talents until her sketches were no longer just ideas, but stunning pieces of gold, silver and gemstone jewellery.  

Once returned home, Sally combined her talents at jewellery production with her world-sourced materials and connections, giving rise to 'KIN Artisan Jewellery'; a bespoke collection of gold, silver, handblown glass and gemstone jewellery, all available on our new online store.

Sally Green has been hand making original glass jewellery for almost two decades. Using an ancient technique known as 'lampwork’, multiple colours of molten glass are layered in intricate designs around a central metal skewer. Each colour layer is separately kiln fired, before the resulting bead is removed from the skewer ready for polishing or etching. Sally uses a high-tensile glass for strength and also infuses layers with pure gold and silver.
Sally Green making a glass bead
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70 Burringbar st, Mullumbimby NSW, Australia

Phone: +61 415 953 968