Collection: Gold Ether

Since the early ages, gold has always been synonymous with wealth. There are many benefits of wearing gold. This projective metal has defined health, wealth, and growth for millennia. In ancient times, astrologers believed that this precious metal was thought to vibrate to the Sun and in turn boosted confidence, vitality, and strength in the wearer. You attract more wealth and success by wearing gold jewelry. This is one reason for metal’s popularity in jewelry making. Gold opens you up to wisdom, prosperity, and all-around success while at the same time inspiring virtue, moral excellence, and nobility.

It promotes positive thinking/attitudes and regulates energy systems and Chakras. Gold also boasts of having protective properties hence its use in amulets, talismans, and protective charms. Many people wear gold charms on their body to ward off evil spirits. These spiritual effects of gold are not new and modern jewelry makers borrow from the ancients to make spiritual jewelry.