Collection: 5 elements

When we are in water it purifies us...stimulating creativity and healing.

Silver is known to carry the energies of the moon, especially during new moons and full moons.

As Silver is reflective, the moon reflects light coming from the sun, and it does the same for whoever wears it. This new collection of Sterling Silver is made to be worn everyday, weather showering or in the waters depths it will remain the same. 

receptivity, flexibility, clarity, emotion, intuition, instinct, vision, dreams, birth.

-Opal Earth collection. 

Opal is a powerful grounding stone that gives the wearer| vitality and strength. 

This collection is unique for many reasons. Firstly every opal is different by its very nature being formed by pressures deep within mother earth. Secondly these  are Australian Doublet Opals, so you never have to worry about them changing colour,fading or going milky. 

survival, purpose, sacredness, stability, support, receptivity, nurturing, personal

-Gold  Ether.

The wearing of gold is said to bring wisdom, help create vision, and also for reflection. 

This collection is made from 14carrat gold plated Sterling Silver. The plating is 1micron thick so whilst this is a reasonable thickness do not wear whilst washing dishes or in the sea for the best longevity. 

space, expansiveness, sustenance, generosity, purity and abundance

-Air Gemstones. 

Air is the element to bring you clarity and helps you communicate better. It also can lead to more prosperity in your life

The wearing of gemstones has many health benefits and each stone holds a unique frequency due to the
millions of years of pressure they endured to become the stones they are today. There is  a massive amount of stored energy within these rocks available for u the wearer to tap into. 

versatility, freedom, boundaries, balance, movement, gentleness, connection, truth

-Glass Fire. 

Fire ignites passion,and love and encourages the wearer to be daring, be different.

This collection is very alchemical...created in the flame. 
The glass changes states as it is heated and cooled when I make the beads. A mesmerising process called lampwork. I then make each unique bead into jewellery. Little pieces of wearable art. 

Each piece is created by hand and may vary slightly from the picture ( pls make this bit in small font as above)


cleansing, clarity, growth, regeneration, peace, vitality